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Detractores del tagging

John C. Dvorak opina en To Tag or Not to Tag, That Is the Question sobre la revolucion social de las folksonomias y parece que el columnista no confía demasiado en ellas, además de que no encuentra en estos sistemas ninguna novedad con respecto a lo que ya existía:

Enter yet another more baffling attempt at tagging. This one is fascinating since it’s been gussied up with a new name, and for some unknown reason been given the blessing of a bunch of brain-dead bloggers. This is because a few of the favorite sites that the bloggers love have tacitly approved of the so-called—get this—”folksonomy tags.” Oh, a new term! This one is a laugh riot, since there is nothing new here except the new name: Folksonomy. I mean even in HTML there was the “metatag.”

Lo más importante es que señala a los bloggers como “culpables” de este fenómeno y destaca el problema de sus influencias a la hora de “etiquetar” los contenidos, además de su repercusión en la web semántica:

The current fave sites amongst the cognoscenti have adopted the idea of public tags, and a number of influential bloggers have jumped on board pumping up the concept and re-promoting that old rusty saw, “the semantic Web.” The semantic Web is a dead duck, let me assure you. You can look it up on Google and roll your eyes on your own time.
The influential bloggers should be defined here. These are people whom you’ve never heard of, but whom other influential A-list utopianist bloggers all know. I reckon there are about 500 of them. He (or she) influences other like-minded bloggers, creating a groupthink form of critical mass, just like atomic fission, as they bounce off each other with repetitive cross-links: trackback links, self-congratulatory links, confirmations, and praise-for-their-genius links. BOOM! You get a formidable explosion—an A-bomb of groupthink. You could get radiation sickness if you happen to be in the area.

No estoy muy de acuerdo con este señor, y cuando importantes compañías comienzan a tenerlas en cuenta, por algo será…

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